New Journey

Intelligent big data leads the industry upgrade, forming a new situation of development in three professional sectors


Rapid Development

Accumulatively completed approximately 320MW of photovoltaic EPC projects, with an investment holding of 52MW of photovoltaic power plants (including 31MW with a subsidy of 0.42 yuan/W from the national government)


Photovoltaic Poverty Alleviation

Actively responding to the national "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan for Photovoltaic Poverty Alleviation," implementing the requirements of targeted poverty alleviation and precise poverty reduction, obtaining the qualification for total power contracting in advance, and actively promoting the construction of photovoltaic poverty alleviation power stations



Renamed as Jiangsu Xinghuo Lighting Group Co., Ltd., the production sector has added the production and manufacturing of photovoltaic ingots and slices. In the engineering field, it has won bids and undertaken multiple large-scale lighting projects in Inner Mongolia, as well as the lighting projects for the Minority National Games held for 15 years.


Construction Qualification

Jiangsu Xinghuo Solar Lighting Co., Ltd. was established and obtained the construction qualification for urban and road lighting.


Industrial Upgrade

Yangzhou Xinghuo Solar Lighting Co., Ltd. was established, with a subsidiary specializing in photovoltaic module production. It obtained the EU photovoltaic TUV certification, marking the beginning of the journey for overseas export of photovoltaic modules.


Rapid Growth

Xinghuo Street Light Pole Factory was established and introduced solar street lights as a pioneer in the lighting industry. These lights were successfully applied in the lighting project of the Huanlushan Road in Jiangxi, and the news of the lights being turned on made it to the television news channel.


Early Development

Developed low-pressure sodium lamps, which at that time showed excellent performance in terms of minimal light decay, high luminous efficiency, and exceptional "fog penetration." They quickly replaced high-pressure mercury lamps and became a type of lamp that saved electricity in the market.


Entrepreneurial Origin

Gaoyou Xinghuo Light Bulb Factory was established by the founder, Song Baoshan.