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Main Achievements of Street Light Engineering

Huai'an Expressway Phase I Construction Project Road Lighting Project
Erdos Dongkang Expressway Reconstruction and Expansion Project Street Light Project
Zhenjiang Guantang New City Road Network Lighting Project
Lighting construction project of the road from Manlai Village in Azhen, Ejin Horo Banner to the fourth community of Gacha in Prague, Ejin Horo Banner
Shanxi Administrative Village Street Lighting Project (Equipment and Installation) First Area, Package 8
The West Qianxian Street Lamp Project (Development Zone to Baohua Section) in Jurong City
Road Lighting Engineering for the Huozhai Section of the Second Ring Road of Xibaipo Expressway
Procurement and installation of lighting fixtures for impoverished villages in Hefei City in 2018
Installation and lighting works of Hengxian second-class highway of Xingliu Expressway
Haigang Avenue Project (Lighting Engineering Section 2)
Construction of Municipal Street Light Engineering in Hohhot City in 2015 (Section 4)
Eleven Road Streetlight Engineering Projects including Changzhou Road and Huizhou Road
Solar street light project in Bayinhushuo Town, Ulagai Management Area
Procurement project for energy-saving renovation of LED street lights on some national and provincial main roads in Funing County
Procurement of Street Lamp Facilities and Installation for Jurong Chongjing Landscape Greening Development Co., Ltd
Feixi Economic Development Zone Wenshan Road (Paihe Avenue Sanhe Road) Traffic Lighting Project
The third section of the road lighting project in the Ordos Equipment Manufacturing Base
Construction of Road Lighting Construction Project in the Main Urban Area in 2017 (Section 1)
Section F1 of Nanyi Expressway Project (Street Lighting Project)
Laiwu City Road Lighting Facilities Construction Project and Street Lamp Maintenance Project Lamp Pole and Lamp Procurement Project
Procurement of Street Light Facilities and Installation by Jurong City Urban Management Bureau
Xiangshan Forest Tourism Infrastructure Solar Street Lamp Project of Bozhou District Forestry Bureau in Zunyi City
2013 Municipal Engineering Construction Bidding (XI) of Hohhot City, Third Section of Municipal Street Lights
Road Lighting Project for Small and Medium sized Enterprise Entrepreneurship Park in Baotou City
Road lighting project for the connection line between Liyang West Interchange and Provincial Road 360 (Changshan Road) on the Changshen Expressway
Procurement and Installation of Solar Street Lights for the 2018 Xiamen Paired Assistance Fund Project in Guanghe County
Bidding for Construction of Street Lights in Ganyu Section of Haibin Avenue GYHBDD-LD3 Section
229 Provincial Road Reconstruction and Expansion (Jiangyan South Section) Lighting Project
Lighting Engineering of Xiangyang Avenue (Section 1 and Section 3) in Xuancheng City
Lighting at Zhongyuan Road (intersection of Renmin Road and Changji Expressway) in Jiaozuo City
Wuhu Linjiang East Road Street Lamp Installation Project
Tender for Lighting of Luan County Highway Expansion Project (Second Time)
Procurement and installation of solar street lights for village connections in Baofeng County
Qingkouhe Greenway Lighting Construction Project
Construction of streetlight projects on Nanqu 1st Road, Nanqu 2nd Road, Changxin Road, and Chang'an East Road
Construction project of street lights in the urban area of Jizhou City
Feixi Economic Development Zone Wenshan Road (Paihe Avenue Sanhe Road) Traffic Lighting Project
2020 Road Lighting Procurement for Linhai City
Construction of Chunlei Road (Friendship Road Fengwei Road) Road Lighting Project (Project Name)
Construction Section 1 of the Energy saving Renovation Project for Street Lights in the Urban Area of Dongsheng District Municipal Management Bureau
Widening, renovation, lighting, and installation of traffic signal lights in Xihua Street, Heshui County
Procurement of Night Scene Lighting Equipment for Phase I of Science and Technology Innovation Park in Liuhe Economic Development Zone

Main Achievements of Lighting Engineering

Ordos Dongsheng District Ordos West Street Night Scene Lighting Project
The first phase of the lighting project along Ouhai Avenue
Design and Construction of Landscape Lighting Project for Expressway in Hohhot City, General Contracting Section 6
Procurement, installation, and service of night lighting on both sides of Jiangbei Avenue in Liuhe Economic Development Zone, along the south side of Ninglian Expressway, and around Longchi Lake
The lighting of the reception hotel on the Hongshan section of the support line for the 7th World Military Games and the improvement project of the support line lighting
Jian Fa Gai (2014) No. 040 Project CD Site Mechanical and Electrical Installation General Contracting Project
Dream CAR Town International Automobile City Basic Supporting Equipment Phase I Lighting Improvement Project
Nighttime Lighting Project for Entrance and Exit of Dongsheng District, Ordos, and Interchange Bridge
Night Scene Lighting Project on Tianjiao Road in Dongsheng District, Ordos
Section 2 of the Comprehensive Environmental Improvement Project for the "Three Horizontals and Two Verticals" and Olympic Sports Area in Jingjianye District
Night Lighting Project for Wanfu Palace (Dinggong) and Wanning Palace (Yingong) in Maoshan Scenic Area, Jurong City
Landscape Lighting Project of Lianyungang Qingkouhe Bridge
Lanzhou General Hospital Medical Technology Comprehensive Building and Economically Affordable Building Lighting Project
Night Scene Lighting Project of Sidaosha River Landscape in Qingshan District, Baotou City
2018 Xigang District Landscape Lighting Project
Lighting and Renovation of Donghai County Citizen Square
Building Lighting Project for Block E-23 of Sanya Luneng Hongtang Bay Tourist Resort
Huai'anli Canal Cultural Corridor Lighting Enhancement Project
The 2021 "Two Festivals" Brightening Project in Shahekou District
Lighting of the Incubation Center and Business Center Buildings in Laiwu Pharmaceutical Industry Park

Main performance of photovoltaic power stations

The 25.5MW centralized photovoltaic poverty alleviation power station project in Huangmei County in 2017
Xuzhou Jindi 18MW
Hubei Heyi Packaging and Printing Co., Ltd. 17MW
Jinhuiyao Door Industry Co., Ltd. 13MW
Mount Taishan Sports Plant, Leling, Dezhou, Shandong 10MW
Shandong Dezhou Leling Industrial Park Pangu 10MW
Henan Yuanda Sustainable Building Technology Co., Ltd. Roof Photovoltaic Power Station 9.5MW
Jiangsu Jinzhi New Energy Vehicle Industry 8MW
Shandong Weifang Tongda 6WM
Minghui Furniture 5.9MW, Leling City, Dezhou, Shandong Province
Zhumadian Hyatt Far East Real Estate 5MW Zhumadian Huiyao Door Industry 5MW
Shandong Weifang Changyi Huachen Yuesheng Textile Co., Ltd. 5MW
Henan Dahong Door Industry Co., Ltd. 4.6MW
Jurong Fudi Ecological Technology Co., Ltd. Government Service Center Distributed Photovoltaic Grid Connected Power Generation Demonstration Construction Project 4MW
New County Photovoltaic Poverty Alleviation Project (EPC) 3.64MW
Queshan Jianyang Industrial Co., Ltd. 3MW
Shandong Dezhou Leling Wanxing Furniture 3MW
Runan County Guangyuan Vehicle Co., Ltd. 2.5MW