Starfire Group | Labor creates dreams, struggle writes wonderful!

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  Labor Day is a glorious holiday that belongs to every worker. At Xinghuo Group, there are hardworking figures in every position. They shoulder their responsibilities with their shoulders, pay tribute to them with sweat, and decorate the world with their efforts



  Their names are different, and their positions have their own strengths. They are welders, construction workers, technical engineers, and so on. They are diligent and dedicated, and every effort deserves respect and recognition.



Every kilowatt hour of electricity embodies the hard work of photovoltaic construction workers; The light emitted by street lamps originates from the hard work and sweat of every worker in the Starfire Factory. It's them who transmit light and heat to the world; It's them who bring light to the night. They are unknown contributors and the most beautiful pursuers of the Starfire Group.

May Day is your holiday, and Xinghuo Group sincerely says to you: Happy Labor Day!